March 17, 2016

Our Product

homepagedevice5DWatts has developed a patent pending concentrated solar system that allows you to get heat and electricity from the sun with a single device!

Our units track the position of the sun. They close safely in the event that the wind speed is higher than the design speed or in the event of bad weather.

We use very durable but simple computer controlled tracking system. Every night the unit “goes to sleep” to the original zero position. The computer performs calculation based on the GPS location and algorithm of the sun’s position at any given time.

Due to the smaller size, our units are constructed for better storm resistance. They are closed and cleaned with the built-in washing system at night time.

We tested our system for over one year and it demonstrated very good performances in electrical and thermal efficiency. Our solar cell thermal system provides four times the energy produced by a fixed solar collector of the same area but at much lower cost.

We know you have many choices when it comes to going solar. There’s more to it than solar cells and photovoltaics.  Here are some reasons to choose our product as your home solar device.


The traditional solar panels have low efficiency rate, a much higher percentage of sunlight is wasted than what is harnessed by the panels. Although new technologies emerged to increase the panel efficiency, the cost of the solar panels are even higher as a result.

Our concentrated solar panel is one of the most efficient sun power production units. Our system comprises a small photovoltaic solar concentration unit. Sun power is concentrated on special cells, with a concentration ratio of 1:30. For home users, a large installation area is required for the conventional solar panels to generate enough energy on a constant basis. Because our system has high concentration ratio, constraint or lack of large installation area is no longer a concern when it comes to considering solar as an alternative energy source.

Our system is a hybrid system. Hybrid solar is a new type of solar energy collector that can capture both heat and electricity from the sun.

Concentrators reflect sun into a small area. Solar cells convert sun rays into electricity. But in order to obtain high electricity performance, it is necessary to run coolant close to the cells. Coolant captures heat energy and makes it available for many different applications.

The hot “coolant fluid” transfers its heat to an insulated heat storage tank and is used as process heat.

The necessary cooling has the advantage of producing usable heat even in the winter time, thanks to the vacuum-insulated heat recovery medium.


Silicon based solar cells are the most expensive elements in solar power energy generation. Our concentrated system uses sun concentration thus the silicon use is greatly reduced, so is the cost of our system in comparison to other systems that are presently available in the market.


The initial cost of purchasing and installing solar panels is very high, it usually takes 10 years before one can break even with the initial investment. With our unit, your return on investment can be as short as one year!


We apply rigorous quality inspection benchmarks throughout our manufacturing process.  We hold our suppliers to strict quality standards.

To ensure continuation of highest quality standards, we are committed to ongoing research and development  to seek improvement  in our manufacturing process.


Your desire in energy savings is our passion.

Our product holds the key to cutting down your home energy cost! When evaluating your savings from our product, it is important to look at your energy spending over a 10-year spectrum.

Conservatively speaking, the average household pays energy bills of $200 per month ($2,400 per year), at 4% annual inflation rate and without increasing consumption, your energy cost of $2,400 per year today will be $3,400 ten years from now! Your total energy in ten years will amount to almost $29,000!


The above cost does not include an average cost of  $200 to $400 per month ($1,200 to $2,000 per year) to heat your swimming pool. This is equivalent to $24,000 in ten years time with inflation!

Your savings from adopting our product into your home use can be massive!

Your total energy savings depend on your location, the number of units you purchase, and your local utility fare. Our website provides you with a tool to estimate your energy savings simply by clicking on the button below: