March 29, 2016

Live Camera

Complete real life 5DW unit system control.

We have the wireless camera that is in real life sending the video to our website. Any person can observe the position of our tracking system.

We also have wireless communication with sensors that are controlling our 5DW unit.

We have three (3) sensors to control

(1) temperature of liquid / coolant entering 5DW – and
(2) temperature on exit.
(3) measuring temperature in our heat energy storage tank.

We calculate and present how many watts or BTU of heat energy we generate.

We are able to measure production of heat energy in relation to the temperature outside, (weather station data).

All input data are calculated to determine the optimum speed of our pump that determines cooling flow.

All data are necessary for “smart” 5DW unit optimum heat energy control.

We are also able to control electrical power production – Voltage and Amps.

Electrical power production relates to PV cell temperature.
5DW software is able to analyze temperature of PV cells and electrical power generation.

We are also controlling weather data.
For example, if weather station will show wind speed above specific level – 5DW goes to “sleep” – into protective mode. Similar way if for whatever reason temperature is above set up point – 5DW change the angle or can put the 5DW unit to “sleep”.

Soon we will offer “smart 5DW” control – an app that owner will see all data and be able to control 5DW nonstop from cell phone. Data from 5DW unit could be controlled from any phone or computer. All data and communications are wireless.