March 20, 2016


Solar on Superstores
Recently released document – Solar on Superstores is presenting that Solar energy is increasing more than 100-fold over the past decade… [more]

Ballast Installation
Ballast roof solar flat panel installations are already used for few years and proven itself. We do not change the principle of installation – we just designed and offer specific installation platform for concentrated 5DW system… [more]
Albert  Einstein and his former student Leó Szilárd’s idea to use heat to generate refrigeration and cooling (U.S. Patent 1,781,541) is NOW a reality!

Our 5DWatts Concentrated Solar System (“5DWatts”) uses heat from the sun to provide homeowners electrical energy, all heating and COOLING needs for houses ranging from 2000 sq.ft. and above. In addition, our system can also be used for heating your swimming pool or hot tub.

5DWatts captures approximately 80% of sun energy. 5DWatts generates significantly more energy including heat and a high level of electricity.

The high cost and low performance of PV flat panels have prevented the majority of the population from using the sun energy to support their day-to-day living.

Time has now changed! 5DWatts is low in cost and is four times more efficient!

We use composite material to produce very strong solar parabola concentration system. 5DWatts is easy to install and very durable. In the center of our concentration, we use solar PV cells and they generate very good DC power. The solar cell collector generates DC power and high level of heat which is used to drive the adsorption air conditioning and/ or the heating system in winter.

With 5DWatts, you can now take full advantage of the sun energy and you will no longer have to pay for your cooling or heating energy consumption!

The use of solar energy is free (until government would find a new way to tax). If your traditional air conditioner breaks down or too old and needs replacement, you should replace it with our 5DWatts solar system! When you build a new house and need to install heating / cooling system., you should definitely consider 5DWatts!

With present government grants and subsidies, our installation cost is comparable to the traditional PV panel installations. What makes 5DWatts stand out from the competition is solar cooling/air conditioning and heating! You will save thousands of dollars every year using our system for your home energy needs. You will also have free hot water, heat your swimming pool and hot tub for free!

Many people turned to solar energy to be environmentally responsible. However, the average user is motivated by the desire to reduce and/or eliminate the cost of energy. 5DWatts holds to key to eliminating your energy cost!

We have developed a powerful and free calculation in your energy saving dollars based on the location of your house! All that you need to do is to send us your address, we will send you calculations on how much energy you can generate and how much money you can save in a year by using our products. As an illustration, we chose four locations with a diverse climate, i.e. Chicago with cold winters, Washington DC, our plant in Sarasota, Florida and Beverly Hills in California. The annual energy savings from these four locations for a 2,000 square foot house and using 10 of our units are listed below.

sc1We strongly encourage you to send us your location, we will do a free evaluation on energy savings for you!