Get your electricity from the sun with a single device!

Our solar systems is

Go tomanufactured to the highest standards

manufactured to the highest standards

having outstanding solar voltaic performance

designed to deliver power according to specific needs

able to provide cold or warm air comfort


5DWatts is part of a family of companies dedicated to the implementation of composite technologies. Our team has extensive experience and working know-how in the field of composite products. Our concentrated solar system offers high performance and low cost. We are on a mission to provide innovative, sustainable, world class clean energy products for the residential and light commercial markets internationally.

Our principle is simple. Each system is a flexible power generation unit.

There are many possibilities how electrical or heat energy can be implemented. Our system provides very economical energy and can be adapted to the specific needs of the user. Our goal is to provide an easy to adapt hybrid energy system. A severe energy shortage exists and there is a great need for low cost energy.

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